This page showcases a selection of display ads that I have worked on throughout the years. Most of the images show the 300x250 ad size as an example, but many of these ad sets include other standard IAB sizes such as 160x600, 300x600, 320x50, 300x50, and 728x90. Some of the ads represented are examples from stand alone HTML5 ad sets and some represent completely dynamic ad setups.

Here is a set of ads I created for International Trucks.
Here are some examples of a feature carousel style ad that I created for Dodge.
Here is an example of a Shark animated ad that I created for their robot vacuums.
Here is an example of Ninja brand ads I created showcasing several products with custom transition animations.
This was a re-design of our Subaru ads. At the top is the original layout and below are examples of the new layout with multiple models. The retailers wanted their logo to be more prominent and I wanted to make the offer and vehicle image easier to view.
Subaru underwent another redesign a short time later to tweak some of the visual elements. The previous set and this set are dynamic ads that are controlled in Google Studio via a Google Sheets feed. You can see how quickly multiple variations can be made and the flexibility there is within such a template.
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